I'm going through some kind of catharsis weekend.

On Friday night, I watched "Empire of the Senses" a film about sexual obsession, at a film festival in Athens. This was followed by a Pilali/Poulikakos show (a blend of greek rock and rempetiko-blues) at RODEO club. The place had poor air conditioning, but the show was excellent. You don't get to see people dancing on tables in rock concerts and this was a first ("Τη μπετονιέρα μη τη κατηγοράς, αυτή σου δίνει για να φάς"). We took a cab to Psyrri square, to find our friends at Aspro. The groove penetrates your head cleansing the day's worries.

Woke up late on Saturday. Had to review the case of a defaced site, where the owner sued a big corp. Had a coffee with a colleague and went through the facts of the case. Admins are poorly paid in this country and are usually pressed to wear more than one hats (computer support technician, technical advisor, security officer etc.). Companies don't take administration seriously and security is something of an added-value service (usually provided by 3rd-parties). I don't want to
sound mean, but at some point there should be some sort of regulation for poorly maintained internet hosts.

Saturday evening found me at Theseum Theatre. Watched Superlux with a friend. Fantastic show. From what I hear, they'll be touring Europe soon :)

There was something bogging me all afternoon. I had to pop the Question.

[Mind you, the universe has no problem with you coming up with Questions, just as long as you don't require an Answer. If you _are_ looking for one, it will conspire in all its quantum glory and provide you with the shortest one.]

The Answer was "I don't know".

A glass of Drambuie, a couple of friends, Tapas coldcuts and a manic taxi driver made sure there were no more Questions before bedtime.

Today (Sunday) is election day. Met an old friend from school at the voting center (he still reminds me of Cartman :). Came back and continued working on my gmail flusher. Hmmm, haven't told you anything about it, have I? Check the next blog entry..

I'm off to pick up a friend from Larissis Station. The weekend is not over yet.

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