Jung gives me the creeps

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According to this test, I'm an ISTJ. Now, isn't that special? :P

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Hair today, gone tomorrow

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Lost some things of value today. Missed a night out with the guys. Saw "Sky Cpt and the world of tomorrow" at the movies [1]. Cancelled tomorrow's piano lesson since I got work for the weekend. I don't know what else could have gone wrong but I guess the day is over and I should be forgiving.

Need to get a warm cup of coffee at a nice cafe [2]. Haven't done that for a while. Should try it tomorrow. It's sorta like weekend therapy :-]

Off to work/telly/sleep.


[1] Another Comic book adaptation. The colour technique used, adds a lot to the film, along with good actor performances, but the end result weighs more on the action-adventure side rather than the vintage-comic-book feeling. The action scenes are good but not involving. The audience gets the impression that it's watching a video game.

[2] If you're in the center of Athens, try "Podilato" (it's on Themistokleous str.), right after Solonos, walking towards Exarcheia Square. If you're lucky, you might even get the chance to listen to some Cpt Beefheart music! :-)

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..and in the darkness bind them

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I've been planning all day to return home early so I can get a head-start on some work I've been postponing for a week or so. Got some tax-related stuff to sort out, a few exam papers to mark, come up with some questions for an oral test tomorrow, do the laundry and practice for the saturday piano lesson (which is my first one this seazon).

Managed to return home 'round 7:00pm and not do anything of the above. Why? I was beat. Had to move old pc's from the 2nd floor labs to the ground floor storage area + clean one of the labs that's supposedly going to host the MSc ppl this year (plus 2 secretaries). Mind you, this is the only place on the 2nd floor with a working air-condition. But this might not be the case any longer.. (No, we're not getting new ACs, I just need the socket for something else :-)

Anyway, LOTR was on TV, so it sorta went on from there... (you know.. 3hr film..)

Hmm, positive things that happened today:
a) Dimitris (xhac's FYP-student) lent me a tiny voice recorder. It's really nice, it plays mp3 files too! I want to buy sth like that so that I can record good ideas when they come up on the clavier, rather than sit and write a proper score.. (another point for me on the lazy piano player scale).

b) Proper food at the uni. Yes it exists. Managed to get hold of an ex-colleague of mine, (he works in Piraeus) and he just happened to remember the number of an exquisite takeaway service near the university premisses. So sweet. Really nice cooked food at fast-food prices.

c) Spotted a number of interesting theatrical releases (of the experimental type) that are coming up this and the following week. Will write a review if I make it to one.

We've been having power problems at home and at the uni, mainly caused by the bad weather (and those nasty butterflies in Japan). I have to get round doing a proper configuration for the UPS-powered machines at the uni (and buy a decent UPS for home use). Prior to leaving the labs today, I switched off all servers and the fw machine. The old mail-server is still up and running, but I don't care much about it since it's gonna be replaced in a month or so.

PhD stuff are slow these days. Had a paper submitted (it's 3 pages longer than it should be) and I'm not very optimistic on its acceptance. The conference is taking place in Italy, at this very nice resort in the Northern part. Should it be accepted, it would make an excellent choice for Easter Holidays :-)

Well, off to bed now.

Quote of the day:
"And of course peace has been secured by the best army in the universe" - Documentary on WW2 referring to the US troops

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If this journal was a tune it would probably start off with a minor C chord. Yes I admit I'm a lazy piano player and like to start off things at points that I feel comfortable with. On a second note, I would probably enrich that C chord with a 7th, bringing in some blues-y feel to this story, since little to nothing makes you exuberantly happy and if you're anything like me, you'd probably agree that urban lifestyle makes you mostly blue.

If you were to follow this tune, you'd probably find out quite a few things about its creator. This is not as important as the ideas portrayed in the work, that might be of some real use to others. Thus, I'll restrain myself from blabbering and keep to the point.

Anything that has a beginning makes you think about its end. Well it's very possible that this will end with another Cm7. Although the preceding Gm7 or Fm7 all depend on the story told :-) So, you may want to stay with us and see what happens.

Have a nice time reading!

Quote of the day:
"Talking About Music is like Dancing about Architecture", Frank Zappa