Hair today, gone tomorrow

(recovered from livejournal)

Lost some things of value today. Missed a night out with the guys. Saw "Sky Cpt and the world of tomorrow" at the movies [1]. Cancelled tomorrow's piano lesson since I got work for the weekend. I don't know what else could have gone wrong but I guess the day is over and I should be forgiving.

Need to get a warm cup of coffee at a nice cafe [2]. Haven't done that for a while. Should try it tomorrow. It's sorta like weekend therapy :-]

Off to work/telly/sleep.


[1] Another Comic book adaptation. The colour technique used, adds a lot to the film, along with good actor performances, but the end result weighs more on the action-adventure side rather than the vintage-comic-book feeling. The action scenes are good but not involving. The audience gets the impression that it's watching a video game.

[2] If you're in the center of Athens, try "Podilato" (it's on Themistokleous str.), right after Solonos, walking towards Exarcheia Square. If you're lucky, you might even get the chance to listen to some Cpt Beefheart music! :-)

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