(recovered from livejournal)

If this journal was a tune it would probably start off with a minor C chord. Yes I admit I'm a lazy piano player and like to start off things at points that I feel comfortable with. On a second note, I would probably enrich that C chord with a 7th, bringing in some blues-y feel to this story, since little to nothing makes you exuberantly happy and if you're anything like me, you'd probably agree that urban lifestyle makes you mostly blue.

If you were to follow this tune, you'd probably find out quite a few things about its creator. This is not as important as the ideas portrayed in the work, that might be of some real use to others. Thus, I'll restrain myself from blabbering and keep to the point.

Anything that has a beginning makes you think about its end. Well it's very possible that this will end with another Cm7. Although the preceding Gm7 or Fm7 all depend on the story told :-) So, you may want to stay with us and see what happens.

Have a nice time reading!

Quote of the day:
"Talking About Music is like Dancing about Architecture", Frank Zappa