The Netflix prize

For those of you that participated in the Data Mining session of the recent ellak workshop, there are some new developments regarding the Netflix data mining contest.

According to Slashdot and the Netflix Prize Leaderboard, there may be a winning team.. :-)

Concert Audio in Lossless formats

etree.org hosts an amazing list of concert recordings in lossless formats. There's also a mailing list and RSS to keep you updated on new .torrent files.



Full Concert Audio online!

wolfgangsvault.com has some amazing rock n' roll concerts online.

The quality is decent, the streaming is good and .. it's free.

Be sure to check it out!


Ibrahim Electric

This band is amazing. I've been listening to their music for almost a year now and I can't get them out of my daily roster.

You might wanna check these ones as well [1] [2] [3]...

Kudos to George and Alex for introducing me to these fine Jazz-Afro-Surf grooves!

P.S. I wonder if we'll ever get to see them in Athens.


Questionable Content Marathon

I was introduced to this comic by two friends, around a year ago, and started reading it backwards, because:
a) The stories that were running back then, were really good
b) There were 1000 or so strips in total
c) It seemed doable (it wasn't).

Anyway, a friend was recently reading the first strips and from her enthusiasm I gathered that they must be equally as good. So last night, I did the proper thing and started reading it from the beginning. On issue #128 I felt a bit sleepy and so I headed off to bed.

I woke up way too early this morning, and read up to #256.

It seems that I'm hooked, so I guess I should continue with this powers-of-two Marathon, by reading up to #512 tomorrow :-)